Christina Chavis

Founder & Rescue Director

Christina Chavis founded Animal Rescue ‘R’ Us, a non-profit 501(c)-3 rescue organization, in 2009.  Although she was heavily involved in rescue prior to 2009, she was determined to form a rescue that would be different from all the rest – a rescue where no pup is left behind, no matter what their circumstance.


Christina is known in the community (and by other local rescues) as the woman who will turn away no animal in need.


 Specializing in dogs that are most in need of rescue, Christina has dedicated her life to saving the unwanted no matter what obstacles may need to be overcome. Knowing the ins and outs of animal rescue, Christina knows far too well that black dogs or senior dogs are the first to be turned away and euthanized. She knows that a puppy born with a deformity, or that is born deaf, blind or has a missing limb, has a small chance of rescue.


Christina holds a deep love and respect for all animals, and wants nothing more than to give them all a chance to live fulfilled lives. As a single mother, Christina has taught her young daughter the same love and respect for animals. Christina continues to educate younger generations about the prevention of animal cruelty and the importance of protecting those who are unable to protect themselves.



In 2015, Christina was honored with a Certificate of Commendation as a 2015 Women’s History Month Honoree for Bergen County, New Jersey for her work as an animal rescuer.  But the honors that Christina has received do not compare to the honor and pride she feels every time she sees one of her rescues adopted into a loving forever home.  There is no greater reward.



Christina’s enormous heart, courage and dedication to the welfare of animals has been the foundation and the legacy of Animal Rescue ‘R’ Us.