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Jennifer Larosa

Adoption & Foster Coordinator

After suffering a personal tragedy in September of 2013, Jennifer LaRosa learned about Animal Rescue “R” Us through Facebook and began volunteering at adoption events. Shortly thereafter, she began fostering, while secretly looking to add her to pack. As suspected, her first foster experience ended with a #FosterFail, but Jennifer and her husband, Joe, continued to welcome other foster pups into their home.


Through this experience, she and director, Christina Chavis, formed a wonderful friendship. They eventually decided to divide up the roles and responsibilities within the rescue and Jennifer LaRosa was named the Adoption/Foster Coordinator of the organization. Since she and Christina share similar values, it was a natural transition. Together, the girls have worked tirelessly to save hundreds of animals from euthanasia.


They are passionate about rescuing pregnant females, moms and babies, special needs pups, and seniors. They are well-known in the rescue world for never turning down an animal in need and they are also well respected in the community.


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