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Our Volunteers

Kim & Anthony DeMauro

In the fall of 2015 our oldest son went off to college and our 2 senior dogs passed away. Our house seemed kind of empty. Fostering was something we considered from time to time but it never seemed quite right with our cranky older dogs at home. After the loss, we were not ready to commit to a new dog but fostering seemed like something we could do. We filled out the foster application thinking it was something we would do in the future if they needed us. Exactly 1/2 an hour later they notified us that they had dogs that needed fostering at the end of the day! We went to pick up our first fosters and we never looked back. It has been so rewarding for us! It's so rewarding when each of our fosters find a good family match and their lives are transformed!

Vicki Ferraro

I was thinking of adopting a second dog and fostering a litter was the perfect way for him to pick out his new best friend. It felt so good to help the puppies that I kept fostering after adopting scarlet. It also helps to have a playmate to get her puppy energy out!

Samantha Flores

I started volunteering with this rescue in August of 2013 when I was 13 years old. I had recently adopted my first dog and quickly became intrigued by the rescue life. After meeting Christina and Jennifer I immediately knew that I was in the right place. Since then I've fostered many puppies/adults and it has been an incredibly rewarding experience for myself and my family. Yes I have grown attached to certain dogs but learning where they came from to now living in homes with families that will forever love them is what brings me comfort to see them leave to go live their new and improved lives. Each foster is a new experience and each foster will always have a special place in my heart. This rescue is in itself, the best rescue out there. The amount of lives I've seen changed because of what this group does amazes me every time. I've learned so much from Jen and Christina like the little things of how to identify a dogs behavior to what medicines will help the dogs symptoms. In the future I see myself still with this rescue and still changing lives one foster at a time.

Yvonne, Jessica & Taylor Jordan

In 2013 after adopting our dog Lava from ARRUS we became interested in animal rescue and began volunteering at adoption events. It wasn't long before we opened our home and our hearts to our first foster. We have been fostering ever since. Fostering enriches our lives by teaching dedication, compassion and responsibility. Tears have been shed as our foster dogs move on to their forever homes but we enjoy the happiness it brings to the new owners and the reward of knowing we helped to save each one. ARRUS is filled with dedicated people and we are proud to be part of this rescue family.


Zaria Melendez

I first started the rescue back in 2009 when it all stared. Christina, my cousin, got the very first litter of ARRUS and my mom and I adopted one of the pups. I was starting to fall in love with dogs at the time so I started to help her in any way possible. From cleaning up puppy mess to going to every adoption possible. By the time I was in middle school I started to foster. Yes I have fallen in love with every dog I have fostered but seeing them go to loving families has made my experience even better. Seeing this rescue grow since the beginning with loyal and amazing other volunteers I wouldn't want to spend my Saturdays with any other people or animals.


Amy Max

We rescued our first dog 8 years ago, Eddie the Greyhound. Eddie has been an absolute joy for our family. Approximately 3 years ago, we decided it was time for Eddie to have a sibling. Through a variety of research on facebook, I found ARRUS. I will never forget the day we brought baby Lucy home. The experience was so special for our entire family.  I was so impressed with Chrissy & Jen, and couldn't help but keep in touch. I don't live locally, but wanted to help the organization in some way. I am so grateful and proud to say that this year, I joined ARRUS as the Web design specialist and graphic artist. I am SO happy to be a part of the volunteer team.


Sara Peach

I started volunteering with ARRUS about a year ago simply because I love animals and wanted to help. I have since been lucky enough to open my home to fosters which although can be hard to say goodbye, that feeling quickly disappears when you see the wonderful families they find homes with. I also want to thank ARRUS for uniting our family with Allie who has since stole all our hearts. If you have the time and want to help, I highly recommend becoming a volunteer or foster to join our team to help save the lives of those who need it!


Jennifer Wilkin & Family

One of the greatest gifts my mom and dad ever gave me was fostering my love of animals! They never turned away the kittens, bunnies, squirrels, etc. my brother and I came home with. Now I want to pass that gift to my children! After adopting my teacup poodle, Shay, from ARRUS, I started following them on Facebook and learning more about where the animals are rescued from and how opening my home to these rescues makes such a huge difference! The foster dogs are wonderful house guests and, yes, we are sad to see them go, but uniting them with their adoptive families is so heartwarming!


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